Amazing Secrets Hidden In Everyday Things That You Didn’t Know About

There are some things that you might not totally get at first glance due to their somewhat hidden meanings, but when you decide to get a closer look at them, you’ll find an interesting story. These seven everyday items hold something special that you need to see to believe.

While you simply see a cosmetics jar, there’s a special something for those wanting to keep their jar fresh., the symbol with the number represents the amount of time that the material will be at its full potential before going stale.

It’s the same as an expiration date on a carton of milk. M stands for months, and W stands for weeks.

Some tubes of toothpaste come in three different colours. , the reason for this is simple: each colour has its own special properties. White has fluoride for whiter teeth, red keeps your gums clean, and blue/green keeps your breath fresh throughout the day.

The crown of the Statue of Liberty has more meaning than you have thought. states that its seven points represent the seven continents of the world and the seven oceans. If you’re looking to carry one of those bad boys around, its weight is at 150 pounds.

According to , the contact lines on trams go in a zig-zag motion in order to equally wear down both parts of the pantograph on its roof.

There have been many theories about the true identity of King of Hearts. According to , the King of Hearts is actually King Charles VII, who put a sword through his own head.

According to , books are not printed page by page, so in order to make the book feel even, some pages are left blank.

As discovered, when you put together the one, two, five, twenty, and fifty pence coins, they form the Royal Coat of Arms.