10 Untold Bl0wj0b Facts That You Should Know

We all have heard of different physical positions that give us enormous satisfaction, we’ve rejoiced in pleasure when someone understood our desires and going further than this,humans have evolved in everything and by exploring and innovating intimate levels of how to achieve best possible pleasure while having !nterc0urse with your partner.

A curious mind always finds an answer, and out of curiosity, our ancestors invented something called ‘Bl0w J0b.’ If you’ve had it, then you’d relate to this story, and if not, then read it immediately and you can thank me later.

Let’s find out some important facts about Bl0wj0bs that you must not escape.


The name ‘Bl0w J0b’ belongs to ‘Blown Woman’.

Untold Blowjob Facts

And the term blown woman in history was used for the women who used to sell themselves to men who desired to have !nterc0urse with them. Anciently, it was something that you only get to feel at such places only.

2. First Bl0wj0b of the world.

Untold Blowjob Facts

Well, historians had drastically failed to pinpoint the era when the first ever blowjob took place.
But, no doubt that it became so popular, that everything from that era has come to an end, but this survived.

3. It’s a give and take method.

Untold Blowjob Facts

Well, bl0wj0bs aren’t always about male, studies have also proved that women enjoy giving it more than men love to get it.

4. Autofell@tio.

Untold Blowjob Facts

Well, it’s a process through which a man can satisfy his desires all by himself. It is believed that very less number of males are ever able to perform this.

5. If you’re in Malaysia, forget everything.

5. If you're in Malaysia, forget everything.

Yes! You can’t ask a woman in Malaysia to give you a bl0wj0b. If she is willing to go downtown on her own, then it’s okay, but you cannot dare to utter this word.

6. And the research reveals something shocking!

Untold Blowjob Facts

Research conducted on 100 males from different regions of the world has given some shocking results. It depicts that 100% of the male prefer to get Bl0wj0bs.

7. And it can save your life!

7. And it can save your life!

It’s related to mythology, so not many people believe this incident to be true. But, at least Egyptians do.


8. If you’re frequently taking Bl0wj0bs from her, then…

Untold Blowjob Facts

Do not feel shocked when you notice her lips have developed permanent swelling. I don’t know why, but talking of lip swelling reminds me of Kim.

9. It’s true.

Untold Blowjob Facts

Bats are the only species after human to practice Bl0wj0bs. And it’s opposite in their case when they perform fell@tio before having !nterc0urse; their s*x lasts for more than 2 minutes. The average time for them is 100 seconds.


10. It’s official.

Untold Blowjob Facts

You’ll find the reference of Bl0wj0b even in the bible