3 Reasons Why You Should Always Sleep On Your Left Side.

We all know how much sleeping is important to us. Sleeping helps to maintain proper physical and mental health. But you also have to know that only proper sleeping is helpful in maintaining a good health. By proper sleeping we mean quality sleeping not quantity of sleeping. Quality sleeping is possible only when you sleep in proper position.

Sleeping position not only helps you to sleep properly, but it also keeps your skin young, improve digestion and also make your immune system strong. According to a study, sleeping on your left side is considered as the proper sleeping position. In this post we are sharing why? Have a look.

Why Sleeping On Your Left Is Good For Your Health?

Sleeping on the left side is supposed to improve your health, but how? This is because your lymphatic system is located above your heart and when you sleep on your left side, it allows the natural draining to take place in lymphatic system. This give lymphatic system more time to filter toxins and waste through the lymph nodes.

Sleeping on your left also increase digestion.

Why Sleeping On Your Right Side Is Not That Good?

Sleeping on your right has many problems. Some of them are:

Sleeping on your right side can disturb your digestion pretty badly. This sometime results in bloated tummy.

It slow down the working of lymphatic system and hindering with its toxin filtering capabilities.

Sleeping on your right also prevent the appropriate moving of lymph throughout the body.


Spleen is the major organ in our lymphatic system. It acts as a filter for blood. It is a part of immune system and also help in digestion. Sleeping on your left increases the working efficiency of spleen.

How To Make Your Self Sleep In This Position

If you are a left side sleeper then congratulation, but if you are not then don’t panic. We will help you learn to sleep in this position. Though changing of sleeping position is not easy, but the following step will help you to train your body to sleep in this position.

1. Sleep on your left and place a pillow at your back. This pillow will help you from rolling over in night.

2. Try switching a small light on the right side of your bed. This will make your mind to turn your body away from light during sleep.