This Is Why You Should Drink a Beer More Often.

This Is Why You Should Drink a Beer More Often.

Drinking beer is like a rite of passage. As soon as you become of legal age, you cannot help but want to gulp a bottle or can of the fermented drink. When consumed in moderation, it’s actually good for you.

Beer is after all, the third most popular liquid in the world, behind water and tea.

It is also considered one of the oldest prepared beverages in history, dating as far back as 9500 B.C. Archeologists found a Babylonian clay tablet from 4300 B.C. with a beer making recipe.

The recipes are also getting in with the times with many companies producing gluten free beer as well as fruit flavours like apple, mango, banana, and orange. But beer is more than just a drink to relax you after a long day or keep you cool in tropical weather.

In fact, every civilization had their own version of this famous drink.

Today, there is no sign of this ancient alcoholic beverage going anywhere. There are 4,144 breweries in the United States alone.