Your Bre@st$ Reveal A Lot About Your Health

Female breasts can reveal much about the various changes taking place in your body. Although they are often associated with a certain part of the menstrual cycle, and/or sudden weight changes, at some point they can indicate to much more serious problems.

Examine these signs which are the most common, and learn their meaning! Find out which are the most important things your breasts reveal about your health!

Sudden changes in breast size

It means that you are obese. In fact, after puberty breast growth is associated with weight gain, or if you eat more than you need, are less active, not sleeping regularly or you are under great stress.
This can also means the approach of menstruation, reaction to new contraceptive treatment or pregnancy.

Decrease in breast size

It may mean that you are weakened. Breasts are full with fat tissue, and weight loss can decreases it.
The reduction can also mean that you are in a period of ovulation that comes after the end of menstruation. It is a sudden change in hormones.

One breast is larger than the other

It means natural breast asymmetry which is most common in women, and it is most evident during PMS period.
Can indicates breast cancer. When cancer begins to significantly change the shape, it may refer to abnormal changes in the breast tissue. In case you notice such changes, consult your doctor.

Irritation of the skin under the breast

Can mean an allergic reaction to material, color, fabric or metal, as the wire in the bra.
Can mean inflammation of the skin that is common in women with large breasts. The inflammation occurs when the skin of the breast are rubbed with the skin under the breast, and in combination with perspiration can cause inflammation.

Tiny “balls” on the surface around the nipple

This is a natural nipples change. The role of breast is milk production and the small balls are endings of the milk glands. During the menstrual cycle they can increase and become more pronounced.

A large lumps around the nipple

Can means a breast cyst. Cysts are benign and not dangerous, but you must control them.
May refer to a tumor. Changes inside the breast, especially those that are visible to the eye or that you can feel it with a touch, should immediately be reported to your doctor.

Hair appearance on breasts

May be reaction to a products or drugs containing testosterone, a male hormone.
Can refer to poly-cystic ovary syndrome. Other symptoms suggestive of ovarian cysts are acne and irregular menstruation.

Nipples scab

– May refer to an allergic reaction to shower gel, fabric paint or fabric. If you have a new bra or clothing, wash them carefully before the first dress.
Might suggest menstruation. Sometimes hormonal changes in the body can activate scab and sensitivity of nipples.
May refer to cancer nipples. This type of cancer is very rare and occurs together with other symptoms such as peeling and very dry skin warts and yellowish or reddish discharge.

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