15 Funny People Having Too Much Fun With Statues!

While on a tour, everyone wants take pictures of the famous places, hot spots, waterfalls, monuments and statues. While taking the pictures with statues, some people even take some fun snaps with them, like initiating them, getting into illusion of being of them, well there are many. Scroll down to get a glimpse and feel of the fun they had while taking these pictures:

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Must say he can imitate quiet well.

funny lol people making statues so much better

People Having Way Too Much Fun With Statues

Hilarious Pictures of People Having Too Much Fun With Statues!!! –

people having fun with statues 8 People who are having far too much dirty fun with statues

fun with statues | … of folks who are all having way to much fun with statues. Enjoy

Funny statue pose with my cousin in Encino, CA

People having WAY too much fun with STATUES!!! click on the pic!

Take A Fun

Let’s ruin Disneyland for everyone.


Too Much Fun With Statues Woman Kissing A Statue Things got a little too heated here.

Cought Spidy

There’s just something so deviously simple about exploiting a perfectly innocent statu

People Having Entirely Too Much Fun With Statues