21 People Who Have No Idea How to Look Sexy

These people wanted to have their sexy photos taken but they did not know where to begin.  It’s not a guarantee that copying poses from magazines and posters could give the same result. Trying very hard to look sexy can either look awkward or very hilarious.  Have a look at these pictures to know what I mean!

1. Why would you lick your shoe?

2. Forgot to cover Jesus Christ’s picture in the background.

3. Is toilet paper supposed to be sexy?

4. No, licking tractors is not sexy at all!

5. She looks like a stuffed pig and not a sexy lady at all.

6. Posed on cam wearing his jockeys.

7. The gun looks out of place in her boobs.

8. That shinning place doesn’t look attractive at all.

9. The pantyhose and the uncomfortable pose is not sexy.

10. Pretending to shag the vacuum cleaner is not the way to do sexy.

11. Took a pose on top of dining table.

12. She forgot to hide the ribbon.

13. He looked like a beach whale in his trunks.

14. Her face is too fierce to be sexy.

15. Have her pic taken inside her child’s crib.

16. He tried and failed four times.

17. Grandma ruined the moment.

18. Money all spread out in the bed is not exactly sexy.

19. Fat lady and a samurai is really unappealing.

20. Her pajamas matched the carpet.

21. Shaping your body hair into hearts is not sexy.