How Often Should You Have $*x According To Your Age

Have you ever wondered whether you have enough s*x, or do you have too little or too much s*x? The main problem about your s*x life is that you probably spend way too little quality time with your partner, which affects your s*x life a lot. In addition you need to know that the stress from the everyday life and the different characters of people surrounding you only contributes to the quality of your s*x life.

At this point you need to know that while for some people having s*xual intercourse twice a week is enough, for others that can be either too little or too much.

The Kinsey Institute conducted a research, which took into consideration the participant’s age, and came to these results:

  • 18-29: on average 112 times a year;
  • 30-39 years: on average 86 times a year;
  • 40-49 years: on average 69 times a year.

In addition this research revealed that 13 percent of married couples have s*x only a few times a year, 45 percent of them have s*x several times a month, 34 percent of them have sex two to three times a week and 7 percent of them have s*xual int*rcourse four or more times a week.

Following this research, the website “Your Tango”, conducted its own survey among their readers who are married. This research showed the minimum, the average and the ideal number of sexual activities for one month.

  • Minimum: Once a month;
  • Average: Once a week;
  • Perfect: Three to five times a week.