This Girl Married Not 1 Not 2 But 11 Men! What She Did With Them Is Beyond Your Imagination!

According to Hindu traditions, marriage is considered to be a sacred relation, which continues for 7 births. Couples make lots of promises to each other; however, the definition of marriage has been changed these days. Today, we are going to narrate an incident which will shock you to the core.

Police has arrested a lady named Megha in Noida, who has married not once, not twice but 11 times. She used to marry a guy, loot him and then disappear. As of now, 11 guys were targeted and she was hunting for the 12th, but the police didn’t let her be successful this time and arrested her.

Her main targets were divorcees and handicapped men; she used to woo them with her sweet talks, marry them and then flee. The girl was very fluent in English and this is the reason, why no one was able to figure out that she is involved in this fraud business.

According to police reports, she used to give them sedatives and would collect all their cash and jewelry. She wasn’t alone in this game plan; her sister Prachi and sister’s husband, Devendra were involved too.

She didn’t use this tactic in the same city; in fact, she moved from city to city in search of new targets.

Megha and her gang started residing in 120 Amrapali Zodiac Apartment and started hunting for the next victim. After a complaint was lodged by a guy named Lauren, police started their investigations. On the basis of 1 phone call, Noida police officials were successful in tracking her.

From this business, Megha earned crores of Rupees. Her victims are from states like Kerala, Rajasthan & cities like Mumbai, Indore, Pune.