Former Adult Film Star Divorces Older Husband to Make a Comeback—But There is Another Reason!

Former Adult Film Star Divorces Older Husband to Make a Comeback—But There is Another Reason!

She’s getting divorced and having a boob job to make a comeback.

A former porn star from Thailand decided to quit the industry after finally finding a suitable partner—an elderly American millionaire by the name of Harold Nesland.

31-year-old Nong Nat quit doing X-rated movies back in 2012 after meeting 72-year-old Harold. She immediately quit, and even dedicated her life to Buddism. Many of her followers were heartbroken by her decision. However, her new announcement on social media has sparked hope among her fans.

She filed for divorce as her husband was already ailing. Soon after their separation, she posted a sexy shower clip on social media and announced that she will soon undergo a boob job—for a comeback.

However, she disclosed her ‘real’ reason for divorcing her ailing husband. She claims that Nesland could no longer comply with his responsibility of being a husband. According to Nat, she was too scared to have sex with him, in fear that he might have a heart attack during the process.

Nat admits that Nesland isn’t okay with the separation, but she still insists that they go with it: ‘Harold and I are separated now. He doesn’t want a divorce but I’ll start the proceedings.

‘There are a lot of jealous people when someone has the rich husband. It has been hard to survive that.

‘I’m having a breast operation, it will help me with work. I won’t do adult movies, they’re only what I was involved in when I was young.

‘But I’m going back to do sexy films and photographs. There’s a magazine deal arranged and sexy shows. I have diamonds already and enough money. I don’t want to work but I have to, to support myself.

‘I am still in touch with Harold but we are separated now and I don’t see the marriage getting back again.’