Taapsee & Swara Guide Women About Good Cleavage! Tight Slap To Those Who Blame Women For Rapes

While everyone is busy celebrating Women’s Day, actresses Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee Pannu are here to deliver a strong message. The duo has always starred in women-centric movies and has always spoken openly on gender equality.



On the eve of Women’s Day, Swara and Taapsee have come up with a new video “How much cleavage is good cleavage”, and in this, they talk about eve-teasing, harassment at work place and body positivity.

Swara and Taapsee lecture women about how to dress up, be it at the gym, in the office, for weddings or during walks.

They have guided women on how much cleavage is good cleavage; this clip is sure to leave you stunned. Taapsee and Swara have delivered a powerful message but in a sarcastic manner.



The video slams all those people who blame women for wrong incidents. Both the actresses teach women to dress as per the rules.

Want to watch this hard-hitting video? Here you go…