$ex Toys To Spice Up Your $ex Life.

$ex Toys To Spice Up Your $ex Life.

Forbes magazine estimates the $ex toy industry to be a 15 billion a year giant with estimates that by 2020, it will be upwards of 50 billion annually. And it’s not just simple vibrators and blow up dolls being sold either.

Industry experts believe two factors are among the success; internet sales and the stigma around $exual fetishes is slowly receding. Insiders also give the film Fifty Shades of Grey credit for making $ex accessories mainstream. These naughty and pleasurable toys are not exclusive to the p0rn industry. Housewives, professionals, and students want to get in on the action. The raunchier the experience, the better.

But not every toy is made to look seductive, lustful, and attractive. In fact, some of these $exual devices are quite scary to look at. Some of these designers should have gone back to the drawing board prior to launching their nightmare inducing creations.