Guy Tweeted “Modi Works For Me”! You Won’t Believe PM Modi Actually Replied To Him & Said..

Time and again, we have seen how Modi works for citizens without worrying about himself. His priorities seem to be very clear; the PM’s good deeds have helped him win the hearts of many followers.

Everyone is waiting for a “New India”, after BJP’s stupendous win in the most important state of India, Uttar Pradesh. Youngsters desire a “Prosperous country” and hence, they are relying on Modi for this.

This Sunday, in his speech, Modi said that he will redefine India and Indians, and also gave the assurance that the government will work for everyone. He pledged people that he will build a “New India” by 2022. Talking about his vision, the Prime Minister says that New India should be a country wherein the poor get lot of opportunities instead of charity.

Amidst all this, we have a brilliant Twitter exchange between the PM and his follower. Modi is quite active on Twitter these days, and never forgets to give superb replies.

Well, his follower Ajeet Singh, took to Twitter to express how happy he is to see Modi working for India; someone asked Ajeet Singh if he works for Modi, on which he replied that it’s not him who’s working for the PM, but it’s the PM who’s working for him (Indian citizen). We all know how dedicated Narendra Modi is when it comes to citizens of the country.


Here’s what he tweeted…


The tweet read “One of my follower casually asked me: Do you work for @narendramodi? I smiled and said: No dear, he works for me..#IAmNewIndia”

As soon as he tweeted this, PM Modi gave a quick reply! Here’s what he wrote…


The tweet read “Absolutely. Happy to be the Pradhan Sevak for each and every Indian.”

Once again, our hearts have been filled with respect for PM Modi. Instead of calling himself “Pradhan Mantri”, he called himself “Pradhan Sevak”. Modi’s dedication to serve the people of India is worth an applaud. His reply was wonderful, wasn’t it? Do share your views in our comments section below.