Women Post Selfies Grabbing Their Bre@sts From Behind Their Backs In Peculiar Fitness Craze

Women in China have thought of a peculiar way of proving their fitness – by taking a selfie of them grabbing their own breast from behind their back.

The not-so-catchy “behind the back breast-grab challenge” is currently taking the nation by storms as thousands of women – and some men- attempt to show they are slim by touching their breast with the opposite hand.

The ‘contestant’ has to use the opposite arm to their breast and reach behind their own back and then grab hold of the bosom.

Challenge: It is claimed women who can grab their own breast are slim
Close: The hashtag showing different pictures has been viewed millions of times

It is meant to prove that you have a good figure and participants argue that if you cannot cop a feel of yourself, then you need to lose weight.


Images of different women attempting to grab themselves with varying degrees of success have been shared many times on social media.

Fitness: The craze has been sweeping across China
Thin: The craze comes on the heels of a different one that encouraged women to grab their waist