Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim DEAD: India Takes America’s Help To Kill The D-Company Head

The secret operation that underwent on 19th of March 2017 was the result of a flawless planning and understanding between the intelligence agencies of India and America.

449 km from the Afghanistan capital of Kabul, lies ‘Mulla Wali Waleh’ village in the Kandahar province and this is the place that became Ground Zero for the Indian Army. A troop of Indian Para Commando soldiers (7 in total) inaudibly entered the compound where the Intelligence Agencies were sure of having traced the DON.

The silence in the compound broke as soon as the security guards taking care of the D-Company head sensed the unwanted visitors. It was a 60:40 winning situation for the Indian Brave Caps there and what followed deserves a read!

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We have already seen such successful missions in past.

dawood ibrahim dead

Be it the famous mission carried out by the U.S. Special Forces to kill Osama Bin Laden, be it Saddam Hussein’s capture or Muammar Gaddafi’s killing, the world has time and again witnessed the ‘cleanliness of germs’ carried by various brave forces. But what happened only recently deserves a big place in the history books of killings.

Here is what happened that night…

HAL Light Combat Helicopter was used to commence the mission!

HAL Light Combat Helicopter was used to commence the mission!

Indian Airforce did not take any chance and used one of the best combat machines that they own today to not to let the solid on-paper plans go down. While a nation that handles even the toughest of the emergency situations with utmost bravery always stands with its army, the soldiers know that they still cannot afford to lose. So they did exactly that when they entered the battleground on March 19th.

The compound where Dawood Ibrahim was hiding!

The compound where Dawood Ibrahim was hiding!

Yes, the image you see above is the bird-eye view of the exact location where Dawood was hiding since past two years, as the report published by a very esteemed organization suggested. RAW, the Indian intelligence agency was keeping an eye on Dawood’s movements since long and it was only when they were sure that the orders were given to the Indian Airforce to take forward the mission.

In Picture: The compound where Dawood stayed (bigger one) and the point where one of the Indian undercover stayed for a month (smaller one).

Indian Para Soldiers

Indian Para Soldiers

The (PARA) Special Forces were equipped with the best of the ammunitions (Assault Rifles, AK-47, etc.) when they entered the premises whose perimeter consisted of large walls with barbed wires on their top. As they entered at 11 pm IST, the first few encounters saw the soldiers killing four security guards and soon entering the house.

It took the team a good 55 minutes to get the entry inside the house and bring themselves a step closer to grab the collars of one of the world’s most feared terror mafia, Dawood Ibrahim.

Dawood Ibrahim, the crime lord.

dawood ibrahim dead

The gangster who had been the face of terror since his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai Blasts, was always on the top of ‘The Most Wanted’ list of the Indian security wing. It was in November 2006 when ten members of the D-company were arrested, but no-one could get a hold of Don, Dawood Ibrahim.

What went into making the mission a success & who all were involved?

What went into making the mission a success & who all were involved?

It was late night when the Indian Helicopters invaded the location and started hovering around the suspected area. Nobody but the topmost Indian bureaucrats including the Hon. PM Narendra Modi and the higher Army officials were aware of this highly secretive mission. Everything related to the same was kept confidential until the moment when it got official that the DON is killed.

Without an advisory (obviously), the soldiers entered the hall of the large mansion Dawood was staying in, and there was nothing that could’ve stopped them from then on.

They had to kill three more in their way towards the ultimate goal.

Dead body of late Dawood Ibrahim!

Dead body of late Dawood Ibrahim!

**It was in the midnight of March 20th (1 am IST) when the mafia breathed his last breath and left the world for everybody’s good.

WittyFeed’s reporter, Mishta Chawla, flew to the village on March 30th.

WittyFeed's reporter, Mishta Chawla, flew to the village on March 30th.

In Picture: Dawood’s villa!

She was able to give us a detailed sneak peek at how the battleground exactly looks like.


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The image used to show Dead Dawood- Actually of Qusay Hussein.

The image used to show Dawood’s residence- Guzman’s Prison Break.

The image used to show Magfee’s unreal reporting- Yes, no Mishta exists!

The details about the Afghanistan village- It is far from the truth (Nothing ever happened there).