Poonam Pandey’s b**b show now makes her lose her PR agency?

It was recently that an entertainment portal reported of Govinda removing Poonam Pandey’s song from his upcoming film ‘Aa Gaya Hero’ after seeing videos and pictures of hers flaunting her assets on social media. The actress however soon took to Twitter to dismiss all the such rumours.

And now here is another piece of gossip about the actress. Apparently, Poonam’s PR manager has quit her job after having an ugly argument with Poonam over money matters and also because of the actress’ b**b show.

Allegedly, Poonam used to pay Rs 35000/- to her PR manager on a monthly basis and when the manager reminded Poonam of paying her at the end of last month, the actress asked her to show more excitement towards the work as she wasn’t getting much work to pay her.

This made the PR manager quite angry.

Not just this, the PR manager was also not happy with Poonam’s inappropriate pictures and videos on social media and had advised Poonam to stop uploading obscene videos. Poonam however continued to do it, turning a deaf ear to the manager.

After all this, the manager finally decided to quit her job.