Girl Baits Her Computer Geek BF With a Hot Woman—Regrets It Instantly after Watching THIS!

he didn’t expect things to escalate that quickly!

Do you ever wonder where your partner goes every day? Does s/he simply go to work and go straight home after? If you have doubts in your relationship, try testing your partner on ‘To Catch a Cheater’.

So how does this experiment work? Your partner is going to be asked out by a totally hot stranger while you watch it live. Do you think your boyfriend/girlfriend will take the bait—or will s/he remain faithful to you?

This girl took the challenge and baited her boyfriend with a really hot chick, who the host even describes as a younger Kim Kardashian look-alike. Will her boyfriend remain faithful to her, or will her give into his desires?

this at all. The woman invited him inside her home, where she was alone, and just finished showering! Covered with just a towel, the woman proceeded to seducing the man just a few moments after he came in.

What started out as a simple experiment to test her boyfriend’s loyalty, ended in a bitter NSFW breakup. What makes this video funny is when the host rubs salt to the wound by asking her, “is this considered cheating?”