This Guy Caught His Cheating Pregnant Wife and Plans to Kill Her Lover—He Didn’t Expect THIS!

He didn’t see that coming!

One common reason why many relationships fail is that there are some who cheat on their partners, especially when they have been together for too long. Some cheating people claim they have either fallen out of love with their partners, or that they found a ‘new love’ with somebody else. But of course, it is a given that you should end your current relationship first before starting a new one, right?

This guy was in a stake-out with his best friend, as they follow his wife, whom he has been long suspicious of. He noticed that his pregnant wife would go to a place every night, as if waiting for someone else. Heartbroken and filled with rage, he intends to end everything that night—with one bullet to his wife’s lover’s head.

But with a dark twist to the story, things don’t go well as he planned. He never thought his life would end like this!