Top 5 Ways To Do Amazing $ex With Small Pen!s If You Have

From Thin laptops and Slim Smartphones wants small things that you can carry easily. Why so many guys assume bigger is better when it comes to pen!s size. They say size matters, but we think it’s how you use it that really counts. If your man has a small pen!s then there’s no reason why you can’t have a mind-blowing $ex session every time, still you can have an amazing $ex with small pen!s.

A shorter pen!s enables you to focus more on the angle of $ex and to pleasure the G-spot of a woman. These tips are sure to make your $ex life hotter and more satisfying than ever before.

So let’s get down to it! These Ways will help you to have Amazing $ex With Small Pen!s to make maximum pleasure.



Whether or not you feel self-conscious about your ability to pleasure your partner, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Each and every Partner need to communicate about many aspects of their $exual relationship. So talk more about $exual demands so that you can know each other better.

Try Rear Entry:

Once you’ve discussed any concerns with your partner, it’s time for the fun part: experimenting and finding what works best for you! One position that experts agree is sure to take both you and your lady on a wild ride: doggy style. Rear entry is a good position for men who are smaller in size because it can allow him to reach her G-spot.

Usage of Suitable Props:

For a man with a small pen!s, $ex is all about finding the best angles. Definitely use your environment, furniture, and other props to find the best angles and depth of penetration for you and your partner.

Skip the Lube: One thing you shouldn’t keep in your $ex arsenal? Lube. “If she is naturally well lubricated, don’t add more. A little friction will increase sensation,” If she’s dry, penetration may feel uncomfortable, So you’ll want to focus on turning her on and getting her juices flowing.

Let Her Climb On Top, one of the best way to do amazing $ex with small pen!s:

Another position worth trying is woman-on-top. It’s one of the best strategies for a guy with a smaller pen!s, as it allows the woman to maximize her partner’s length and position him in a way that feels good to her. It also gives you the ability to stimulate her clitoris that will surely gives her the intense pleasure.

Extend Foreplay:

No matter what positions you decide to try, know that extending foreplay will make $ex more enjoyable for you and your partner—and not only because it builds arousal but is the key to having the more intense orgasm.

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