Where Do Men And Women Differ While Making Love?

Men and women are different, and nothing changes this very basic fact. No matter how much one wants both genders to be equal, the truth will remain that they have always been different, and these basic differences will always persist.

The only thing that is subject to change depending on our behavior is how we choose to treat the two genders- with or without equality.
Although differences do exist, the good thing about them is that they were meant to be that way.
Men and women have always had their differences, for better or worse, and the same holds when it comes to sex as well. So, here they are!

1. Who initiates sex?

difference b/w men and women's love making

The common observation is that it is up to the man to initiate the process of getting intimate. And while some may call it old-fashioned, there are those who’ll call it a harmless convention and that includes things like the man asking the woman out for a date, the man asking her hand for marriage, etc.

2. The risk-takers

difference b/w men and women's love making

Men are more likely to take risks for sex- such as not wearing a condom, date an employee, or even incline towards threesome.

3. Men vs women: Who masturbates more?

difference b/w men and women's love making

Men, in general, masturbate more than women. After all, they’re the one with sex on their minds a lot more than women have.

4. Who lasts longer without it?

4. Who lasts longer without it?

That is where women score! They can last longer than men any day.