Chinese Model’s Bre@$ts Extremely Deformed after Suffering Abuse from Boyfriend for Three Years

The abuse was so severe that her breasts became deformed.

Thousands of domestic violence cases are seen in a daily basis wherein women are raped, hurt and killed eventually. Though many men suffer from the same kind of abuse, women are more vulnerable and weak when it comes to defense.

This Chinese model has been suffering from her abusive boyfriend for three years. The abuse was so severe that her breasts were extremely deformed, and her beautiful face was often bruised.

Wang Rui Er stayed with her boyfriend despite the abuse, but she believes it is now time to spill the beans and make her boyfriend pay for his crimes.

Wang wrote on social media: ‘I have been together with you for three years. I admit that in the beginning, I chose to be together with you because of your money. In these three years, you abused me, but I chose to endure it.

‘Please think, I have many suitors wooing me, and they are rich as well. If it’s just because of money why would I choose to suffer for three years with you!

‘Last night was the last straw. You hit me until my chest was out of shape. It was as if they exploded. Even if you threw a whole bag of money to me for my plastic surgery, I still want you to leave!

‘I admit that I loved you once, but now, I want to break up with you. Yes, it is over between us, please leave and do not appear in my life anymore.

‘I am writing this post because I want to let other people know that our relationship is over. If I still continue to be with you, I will be beyond redemption!’

However, many netizens were unmoved and believe that she was simply doing it for attention. What do you think?